Dr. Cengiz Gadimli 

Dr.Cengiz GADİMLİ, Graduated from Azerbaijan Faculty of Dentistry. Ege University Faculty of Dentistry received education on Orthodontics in the Department of Orthodontics. Selcuk University Faculty of dentistry, department of Orthodontics completed doctoral training. He completed his master's degree in Oral Implantology at the University of Italy degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi.

In addition to being an orthodontist with the founding of the oral and Dental Health Center in Antalya Manavgat, Dr. Dt. Cengiz Gadli established Antmodern oral and Dental Health Center in Antalya. Dr. Cengiz GADİMLİ can speak Russian, English and German.

Dr.Cengiz GADİMLİ, continues of his treatment and scientific studies in Antalya Antmodern oral and Dental Health Center.




Professional implant treatment is area of expertise of DENT clinic doctors. Experienced specialist physicians will service with the most recent new materials and met


Orthodontic is the branch of specialist which prevents disorders related tooth-jaw-facial region and cures and stops the pogression of avaible disorders, also aims t


Everyone knows what dental prosthesis is,but this word still brings to mind grandma's removable prostheses.It offers patients in differentapplications by developing t


Therapy is a branch of our clinic, AntModern. Operations except all surgery and orthopedic operations are based on the department of therapy. Therapy deals with c


Our theeth is one of the tough area in our mouth. If we want to have healthy theeth, we need to care of them. How can we care of them? After the years, dentists found the

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetıc dentıstry. It creates a perfect smile. ‘If you want everyone to love you, smile’ (Dale Carnegie) People who had lived 70-80 years ago from


Besides it is a branch of surgery estomology, it contains corrections of hard and soft tissues for helping the construction of denture. This creates negative emotions in

Dentist For Pregnant Women

Dentistry is not fashion for pregnant women, is an important and new branch. In past, It is thought that if pregnant women went to doctor, it could be dangerous for them.


Quick and quality diagnosis is associated with high-qualitydental treatment. For this reason, it is also developed methods of diagnosis, not only new methods of treatment

Teeth Whitening

Whitening with zoom system Our teeth are exposed to the chemical and physical materials throughout life. For this reason, the colour of tooth enamel changes and causes l


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Healthy Life Starts With Healthy Teeth.






Spread of AIDS in the world. many people with hepatitis B have no symptoms.) as in many areas, infection control in dentistry has made it compulsory to apply with care. It is our main task and goal...

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Radiology (X-ray, Tomography)

Radiology (X-ray, Tomography)

Our center offers services between 9:00-19:00 for external X-ray operations.The correct diagnosis is a service that our physicians require for the correct treatment and the correct results when the...

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Infection Control

Infection Control

Infection Control Committee: it is our unit that gives trainings to our employees who make regulations to minimize the rate and risk of infection in our center and informs them,corrects any defects...

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