Everyone knows what dental prosthesis is,but this word still brings to mind grandma's removable prostheses.It offers patients in differentapplications by developing the current technology. (aesthetic appearance, technical, construction type, price, etc.).This provides a great benefit to patients.

1. The new modern prosthesises are comfortable and also supply us to have good looking appearance. Physicians offer this kind of denture application partially or wholy during status of tooth loss.

2. The another operation is fixed prosthesis. The gold covering is the another method in the past. While it was popular, now this technology have been left in the back. The clinic of Dent takes a big step according to prosthesis applied in the past The new practises which are made by new technology are stronger and the materials which are safe, comfortable and have a good looking in terms of used materials.
All applications are made according to the standards of indications and contraindications. When prosthetic application is not suitable, our physicians solve your problem by offering other treatment methods

3. The developed method is implant. Implants are safer and more reliable because healthy teeth do not damage. The implants can be put on the place not to touch another teeth. The healthy teeth are not moved. It is shrank at removable and fixed application.

4. Mikroprosthesis is the another method. The porcelain which has been manifactured, forms slim and strong layer. It is placed by preparing with a perfect fit and accuracy. It is an ideal for front teeth which have the problem of aesthetic.

The average of prices is almost same according to the another hospitals. Dent offers qualified services and treatment. Our doctors present the most suitable medical treatment. It is given detailed information about the treatment and it is decided all together for planning of correct treatment. Thanks to the strong materials, they supply long lived tooth which have go on at least for 20 years.