Indications / Contraindications

Before explaining the application of prosthetic treatment, the treatment objective is to prevent complications due to damage of the teeth.
"What is the danger of losing a tooth?" This issue is one of the most frequently asked problems.

1. The wrong weight distribution during chewing. The distribution to adjacent teeth of lost tooth rise and it leads to losses. Therefore, loss of a tooth is the beginning of the other tooth loss
2. Damage to the gum and the tooth roots. Dentine is pulled in each passing day,loosing the main function.Therefore,serious teeth and mouth defects occur.
3. All digestive system is damaged.

Stress is a side effect after tooth loss.Many of our patients say that the pshychological problems bring more discomfort. People lose their self-confidence with tooth loss. This situation causes the various complexes and it prevents from career,social and private life.

What are the indications of dental prosthesis?

  • It is pathological dental attrition. The layer of hard tooth wears during this disease. Rate of this disease in the world is 12% and it usually is seen in males.
  • 1/3 of teeth are damaged because of karies, trauma, poor quality of treatment.
  • One or more tooth loss
  • Aesthetic defects.

What are the contraindications of dental prosthesis?
There is no serious contraindication for the application of prostetic treatment. This method can be applied to each patient. Our specialists take into account many details such as age,social life,financial situation,the general state of oral health and general health state for making the decision of prosthesis.While some treatment forms are suitable for elderly patients,it may not suitable for younger patients.

Our experts will give you the best knowledge of which treatment is applied in free examination. Please make an appointment.