Microprosthesis, Inlays

Micro-dentures are a new viewpoint in dentistry. Refreshment of missing teeth with the latest technology, more detailed applications are made with a new treatment methods of today. These operations are like veneers and inlays. The study is double-sided for both the treatment and outlook. While being made treatment of the damaged tooth, the tooth is obtained on a new look.
There are a few solutions of microprosthetics. It is occured a seperate section about veneers on our website. Now you can get more information about inlays and porcelain fillings.

Which problems can be solved with İnlays?

  • Aesthetic appearance takes the shape and the colour of the tooth and saves it brightness and transparency.
  • It saves teeth chewing function again. The chewing force in the mouth equally distributes and provides pressure in equal rate to the other teeth.
  • All these processes consisting new composite materials are long-lived. It has the wear life almost as the natural teeth.

Which circumstances are inlays used?
This method is applied for 1 / 3 damaged teeth.

The advantage of porcelain inlays according to fillings.
This treatment has a lot of advantages and it is different from filling functions.More detailed works and polymerization are made on materials.Restored tooth is provided more durable.Inlays are distinguished from the natural teeth.

How does the micro-prosthesis make?
Firstly, the damaged part is cleaned and necessary operation is made by physician. Then the pattern of the teeth is taken, sent to a laboratory, inlaysare made according to the size of the mold. The temporary filling are applied the empty part during all these processes.
The filling is removed and the inlay is applied which is right for you when you arrive to clinic. To be equal of inlays, it consists of symmetrical identical measurements of the tooth by benefiting from the possibilities of technology.

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