Orthodontic is the branch of specialist which prevents disorders related tooth-jaw-facial region and cures and stops the pogression of avaible disorders, also aims to ensure some good aesthetic functions(biting, chewing, talking, laughing).In general, 12-13 years group patients suffer from this problem.
Children need to go to orthodontic physician after changing their milk teeth. You should show your child to doctor. Corrupted tooth arrangement and incorrect bite problems will be better resolved from the beginning.

Children are the most important for orthodontic doctors. So they want more professional and individual approach. The physician is not enough just to have a professional dentist, you must have knowledge in the area of psychology. Dent physicians provide success at the problem of empathy between doctor and child with some special approaches. Parents can come with their children so it is spoken about the treatment and it is chosen the best one for chidren. Methods of different bite correction are presented our patients who have variety new technology.

Diagnose in orthodontic is very important and our doctors can see the problem at the first examination. A different form of treatment is chosen after a detailed diagnosis and it is planned and it is determined to the system. For example, the bracket system is made according to patients' spesific parameters. The physician makes some corrections by taking control of patients during all treatment. The length of treatment may take several months and years, so you need to find a good orthodontic doctor. The treatment in Dent is both psychological and comfortable so your child will go to examination of doctor without any problem. It is more successful treatment of children in loving and good feelings to doctor.

Today, many children have incorrect bite sotron. When you first notice about the differences of bite, consult a specialist orthodontic doctor. Disorders of the jaw structure is corrected at young age more easily. This period is longer for elderly patients. This treatment is applied also for middle-aged patients. Dent orthodontic physicians works with each age group.