Besides it is a branch of surgery estomology, it contains corrections of hard and soft tissues for helping the construction of denture. This creates negative emotions in many patients. The goal of surgery is actually to protect the teeth.

Clinic Dent is the first one among operations for the protection of the tooth. Protection method of teeth is the first one by helping new technology methods. Except just extra situations (For example, if there is no treatment can be done), this method is applied.

AntModern surgeon services:

  • Implant treatment
  • Tooth extraction
  • Tooth extraction that are difficult
  • Surgery for dental protection
  • Vestibuloplasty
  • Preparation operations for orthopedic and orthodontic treatment
  • Bone transplant

Sedation is applied except general anesthesia. This method is a stuation which the person become totaly relaxed and allows the treatment of the individual person as a result of the suppression of the central system of the person. Comfortableness of the operation is important for physicians and patients. Patients need to feel good about themselves all the time so youget much more beautiful smiles. Reason for patients to feel good about themselves is not only of the anesthesia is performed correctly, but also interests of specialists to the patients are important. We leave a positive impression on incoming patients.

General indications of tooth extraction:

  • Dental restoration is impossible due to caries
  • Dental root pathology
  • Tooth gums lose the function of retention of the tooth If there is ligamentous.
  • Incorrect placement of the teeth in the mouth
  • The frequency of teeth
  • Some traumas
  • The bite
  • Regions which can not be localized -periodontitis
  • If it is needed during denture treatment.

All contraindication information is told by our physician during the examination of tooth extraction. After this operation, the doctor will apply all the necessary treatment.

Tooth extraction is not the last stage of treatment. Implant or a fixed or removable prosthetic treatment is applied instead of captured or missing teeth. You can get information about this method of "prosthesis" and "implants" section on our website.

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